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Project Rohingya Sisu is a Singapore-based initiative that focuses on improving the lives of Rohingya children in Bangladesh.

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We aim to educate and support Rohingya children in coping with the adversities they face at refugee camps in Bangladesh. 

We also wish to raise awareness in Singapore about the Rohingya community's experiences in Bangladesh.

Did you know? The term শিশু or loosely translated as "Sisu" (pronouced as shishu) is an expression of endearment to call a child in Bengali.



We work closely with JAAGO Foundation, a Bangladeshi civil society organisation, to support the operation of a Safe Haven for the Rohingya children. The Safe Haven is an administered safe area staffed with trained volunteers at the Unchiprang refugee camp in Bangladesh.


The funds we gather from your support are funnelled into the following focus areas:

Trauma Pedagogy
Trauma pedagogy
Monsoon Relief
Monsoon relief
Counselling Sessions
Counselling services
Educational Materials
Educational materials
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how we work with jaago

Our collaboration with JAAGO Foundation at the Safe Haven brings us a step closer closer to empowering the Rohingya children to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Why do we partner with JAAGO?

  • Quick to respond to the Rohingya crisis by setting up a Safe Haven in an efficient and systematic manner. 

  • Young, dynamic and fast-paced team of volunteers.

  • Rooted in a strong network of Bangladeshi ties.

  • The Safe Haven is popular amongst the Rohingya community with the highest attendance of over 500 Rohingya children. 

view the video below to find out more about the work we do


If you wish to empower the Rohingya children, donate to our cause via our GIVEASIA platform to support monthly child counsellors' visits and the costs of educational materials.

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