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Annual Trip #1: 2018

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

PRS' inaugural trip to JAAGO Foundation's Safe Haven at the Unchiprang Camp took place in April 2018

The PRS team visited the JAAGO Safe Haven - an administered safe area in the Unchiprang Refugee Camp with trained local professionals - in early 2018.

There, our co-founders took part in activities that align PRS' aims with JAAGO Foundation's missions.

Focus areas:

1. Emergency Relief

We distributed raincoats to 500 refugee children at the camp to shelter them for monsoon seasons.

2. Trauma Pedagogy

Part of the efforts we carried out included reinforcing the routine that JAAGO has already set in place. We also conducted variety of activities with the Rohingya children while encouraging and inspiring learning in the three different zones:


What's next?

PRS will continue to fund the counselling of the Rohingya refugee children who are at high-risk to mental illnesses such as PTSD and anxiety.

We also continue to carry out preparations for upcoming trips to be held on an annual basis.

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