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How Your Contributions Were Used: Part #1 - Relief.SG Support

As you may be following from our previous post, our trip to Unchiprang Refugee Camp last year was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. But behind every dark cloud comes a silver lining, and we were delighted when the kind people at Relief Singapore reached out to us to find out how they could carry out our prepared curriculum on their trip to Cox's Bazar. We shared materials we had planned and produced for the refugee children, and their team did a fantastic job in imparting this knowledge to the children at the camps they visited. We are truly grateful for this collaboration and look forward to working with more teams who can do every little bit to improve the lives of the Rohingya refugee children.

One of the benefits of having Relief Singapore conduct these activities, was that we got to understand what worked and what needed fine-tuning. The Gratitude Tree was one such activity. Each child was encouraged to write one thing they felt grateful about on a leaf. The goal was for children to recognise kindness in its different forms. The reality, however, did not quite have the same effect. Due to a language barrier, the children were not able to understand the purpose of the activity. We will still count this as a win because it is a good learning experience, and the flowers drawn by the children look lovely!

Here's a quote from one of the Relief Singapore volunteers about her experience playing our version of Heads Up with the children.

"An activity we did with the children was the Animal cards. We started off by showing the children the cards and they would shout out the animal in the Rohingya language. We would then teach them what the animal means in the English language and spell it out to the children. The kids who knew the alphabets will then note it down in their notebooks. ⁣The activity was educational as the children did not know some of the animals existed. ⁣ Something we could improve on in future activities is to tell the children some facts about each animal to enhance their learning. ⁣ ⁣ Overall the kids enjoyed the activity very much."⁣

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