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How Your Contributions Were Used: Part #3 - Cahaya Surya

In the last two blog posts, we talked about how we used your contributions to channel to our cause of assisting the Rohingya children with their education.

Here's a recap:

Update #1 - How we couldn't physically make it to Bangladesh, but luckily our friends at Relief.SG managed to bring over our curriculum and activites that we made with your contributions and share it with the students and teachers there.

Update #2 - Where your money went on site at The JAAGO Safe Haven. The breakdown of the items we bought that helped with revamping the school, and the good news we received at the end of the year from the students.

Now, with Update #3, we'd like to inform you what we did with the remaining money that we had from your contributions. After buying the curriculum materials and sponsoring the items that the Safe Haven needed for the students, we were left with a few hundred dollars in balance.

As we were not able to go to Bangladesh, we have been looking out for nearby opportunities to help the Rohingya community. In our search, we came across Cahaya Surya last year - an education centre in Johor that helps the Rohingya community within the southern Malaysian state. In particular, they run a school for Rohingya refugee children and prepare them for state exams. After visiting their premises sometime late last year, we decided to partner with them to provide assistance where necessary.

A few months ago, with the outbreak of COVID-19, they reached out to us for financial support to provide on-ground support to Rohingya refugee families living in Johor. We decided to help.

Here's a snapshot of the letter of contribution.

Your contributions were used for food distribution and to support home-based learning for Rohingya students and families during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

More information can be found on their website.

Once again, we thank you for all your contributions and hope to be of more help to more less-fortunate communities around the world.

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